Neighborhoods are the places that represent home and community, work and play, and safety. As Manchester-Chateau evolves alongside the City of Pittsburgh, the neighborhood will continue to face both tough challenges and unique opportunities. Vacant parcels and overgrown lots are a steady reminder of the public safety and property maintenance challenges facing the neighborhood. At the same time, these areas offer an opportunity to be reimagined moving forward. How the neighborhood embraces these challenges and opportunities will go a long way toward improving the quality of life for the Manchester-Chateau’s current and future residents, employees, and visitors.

With strong guidance and leadership from neighborhood residents and stakeholders, the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan will identify a vision for the future of the neighborhood, and outline a strategy to achieve that vision. Specifically, the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan will help develop strategies in the following areas:

  1. Strengthening connections between Manchester and Chateau, and to the larger Pittsburgh region.
  2. Improving access to, and the quality of, public space.
  3. Ensuring the existing and future housing stock of the neighborhood meets the needs of residents.

Read on to learn more about the project team, schedule, and how you can get involved.

The Project Team:

The creation of the Manchester Chateau Plan will involve the efforts and leadership from the following groups:

  • The City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning
  • The Planning Consultant Team, led by OHM Advisors
  • Manchester Citizens Corporation
  • Neighborhood residents and stakeholders

The Project Schedule:

The planning process will kickoff in August, 2017 and wrap up in February/March 2018. Key dates for the public include:

  • Public Workshop 1, October 2017, TBA
  • Public Workshop 2, January 2018, TBA

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